Thursday, July 20, 2006

Same-sex marriage pioneers separate

Thu, Jul. 20, 2006
Same-sex marriage pioneers separate

Julie and Hillary "Goodridge sued the State of Massachusetts to get married and become wife and wife. They were successful along with several other homosexuals in getting the Massachusetts Supreme Court to sanction homosexual marriage in their state.

As we suspected Homosexual marriage is not an everlasting union between people. The two people (they still may be secret lovers) announced that they would separate. Why?? Who knows. Each may look for another woman to marry or may diversify and find a real man.

There are three tragedies here: 1) The State of Massachusetts allows homosexual Marriage, 2) the Unitarian Universalist Church mocked God by uniting them in marriage and 3) a daughter to one of them will witness all these very abnormal events and may be permanently scarred for life.

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