Tuesday, July 18, 2006

63 % US Senate in favor of funding Embryonic Stem cell research with your tax dollar.

7/18/06. 63 % of our Federal Senators voted in favor of HR810 using federal funds to use embryonic human stem cells for experimentation. Yes, the majority of our Senators agree that we should use Human stem cells for research. These Stem cells in questions are those secured for purposes other than research. Hopefully, our President will veto this bill.

These embryonic stem cells are limited to step cells warehoused for fertility treatment, vitro fertilization, and studies, stem cells that are excess supply in clinics that will never be implanted and stem cells sold by those in financial need.

In other words this legislation allows depositories of stem cells to profit from warehoused, unwanted and over supply of exiting stem cells. These depositories, through the help our Federal Income Tax dollar can diversify their business from fertilization to other lucrative ventures such research. They have found a way to make more money on both donated and purchased human stem cells from financially strapped donors.

Capitalism has always been identified with the West and Christianity. As this example shows, in the Capitalists’ quest for ever higher profits and diversification, Capitalists have shown their true greedy self service immorality. Communists are no better; they would do the same if they could.

Americans, the fact is, we are being governed by a group of self serving money motivated men and women that literally will sell their babies (stem cell) for a buck.

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